• In winter 2015 I used a thermos for water to prevent freezing. In summer, I'll carry extra water in a thermos. Since 2014 I've been using a Camelbak insulated water bottle with a felt insulating cover (starting in June 2015) that envelopes and water bottle and cage.
  • In 2011 I'm trying other ways of carrying extra water and keeping it cool. I first tried freezing some water in my Camelbak reservoir. I added water to the reservoir just before leaving and wrapped it in insulating fabric. I've abandoned this approach because the screw on cap leaked icy water. I then tried aLocSak bags and found that they kept the water in until I had to reseal them after transferring water from the bag to my water bottle. Next I'm going to use Ziplok freezer bags and Seal-a-bag Banana Seals.
  • Partially frozen (about half) Polar water bottle (fill with water just before leaving). Since the open valve closed when it touched my lips, I modified the valve so it always stays open. Does anyone know how to clean the outside of a whte Polar water bottle?
  • Camelbak reservoir with 8 oz sized ice cubes
    • Fill water bottle with Platypus shutoff value when on the road
    • In hot weather 80+ for a 3-4 hour ride, I fill the reservoir with 32 oz water with and 3 8 oz ice cubes