Cycling All Year in Toronto describes the clothing, bicycles and gear
I've come to use over the last 20 years to cycle comfortably year round
in the Greater Toronto Area. I've cycled over 140,000 miles during this
time following the rules of the road. I don't need or want expensive
clothing, bicycles or gear. Minimizing my carbon footprint is important
to me.

I welcome your comments about this site and hope to hear from
other cyclists who have mastered year round cycling, especially in
climates that have winters like Toronto.

Recent Changes:  
July 5, 2015 Changes across the site including helmet mirror, wind shield and water bottle insulating cover
June 26, 2011 Burlington/Guelph/Brantford/Burlington ride in Rides > Recent. Carrying cold water in Nutrition > Water
June 10, 2011 Burlington/Brantford/Burlington ride in Rides > Recent
June 7, 2011 Added about 20 pictures mostly in Clothing > Winter
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